Welcome aboard, Adventurer!

Welcome aboard the SJS Steamjammer, a Pennsylvania-class battleship converted into a Spelljamming vessel and aircraft carrier. The Steamjammer is not part of any nation’s fleet, but serves as an independent exploration vessel (and sometime privateer). Your commanding officer, Captain Kithmornien Steelforger, took command of the former USS Arizona after the collapse of the United States and had her converted, adding a dual flight deck and a spelljamming helm and rechristening her.

You are an officer aboard the Steamjammer – either a division officer for the ship’s crew, part of the Marine detachment, or part of the aviation wing. Your character will start out at 7th level, and we will be using the Gestalt Classes rule from Unearthed Arcana. The list of classes (and campaign-specific changes to classes) are listed in the campaign wiki along with the house rules and the setting gazetteer.

Spelljammer: Big Damn Heroes