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Spelljamming the Crimson Skies

The SJS Steamjammer calls the free port of Bay Lake, Florida, home, but she and her crew do not hold any official allegiance to any nation. She is an independent exploration vessel – and sometime privateer, bearing letters of marque from the British Commonwealth, the Empire States, and the Confederation of Dixie – with the ability to defend herself and the interests of her crew.

Creating your Character

Ability Scores

This campaign uses the Appearance ability from the Book of Erotic Fantasy. Disguise becomes an Appearance-based skill, and Bluff, Gather Information, and Intimidate can key to either Appearance or Charisma, whichever is more applicable in the situation.

For the purpose of generating ability scores, roll three sets of eight numbers using 3d6 and 1d8, rerolling 1s and 2s, dropping the low die. Choose the best set and drop the lowest number from that set, and distribute the other seven among the seven abilities.


Any race detailed in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, Races of Faerûn, the Eberron Campaign Setting, Races of Eberron, the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, or the Iron Kingdoms Character Guide is available for this campaign.

Main Page

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